Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have a service fee for repairs and maintenance?

At Urbach Roofing, Inc., we have been in business many years and as a result of that we have learned that with a service fee in place, we are able to provide our customers with lower estimates that have no hidden expenses. You are only charged for the time and materials used for your job; you’re not given a higher bid so we can recoup some of the loss from the last customer who did not accept. Other companies use salespeople for their repair and maintenance issues and although you feel you are getting a free estimate, there are extra costs involved that do get passed on to you, the customer. We have a full service department; our servicemen are ready to perform most repairs and maintenance issues the day of your appointment. Our servicemen will inspect the roof, provide you with an estimate while on site, and if it’s accepted while they are at your appointment, then the service fee goes towards the cost of repairs. If the estimate is not accepted, it does pay for the time at your home; that way, we do not have to pass that expense on to the next customer. At Urbach Roofing, Inc., you pay for only the services you requested.

Why should I replace broken tiles?

Having a broken tile may not seem like a big deal but, if it is not repaired or replaced it can actually lead to bigger problems. When you have broken tiles the felt underlayment beneath your tile becomes exposed to the sun which will deteriorate your felt leaving you susceptible to roof leaks and dry rotted wood.

What does it mean that my roof is stretched?

It means that the roof was installed improperly, not per the manufactures specifications. Each product has directions on how the product should be installed and how far apart each piece should be installed at the proper exposure to achieve water tightness. If a contractor does not install the product per the manufacture recommendations you could end up with a new roof that needs replaced much sooner than expected and the manufacture will void their warranty. Be sure you are hiring a contractor who adheres to manufactures specs. Some contractors are able to provide lower bids by using less materials than actually required on your size roof.

How many layers can you have on a roof?

It depends on the city’s regulations. Most cities do not allow more than three (3) layers.

What is the difference between 15lb. and 30lb. felt?

The difference is the thickness. The type of felt needed depends on the pitch of the roof and the type of material being installed.

Why am I getting a pre-lien?

The pre-lien was issued either by Urbach Roofing, Inc., or the roofing supply we purchased materials from for your job. The pre-lien is letting you know that if the entity that sent the pre-lien is not paid in full, they have the right to lien your home until payment is received.

Will I receive a bill from the roofing supplier in addition to Urbach Roofing, Inc.’s bill?

No. You will receive one invoice from Urbach Roofing, Inc.; the cost of your materials is included in your invoice. Your materials were placed on our account with the supplier and they will bill us

How can I be sure that the roofing supplier will be paid in full?

You can choose to pay separately. Make a check payable to the supplier in the amount stated on the pre-lien for the portion of materials we purchased from them. Then pay Urbach Roofing, Inc., the remaining balance of our invoice in whatever form of payment you choose. Note that you must send both payments to Urbach Roofing, Inc., so that we can confirm that you are paid in full. We will forward the check to the supplier to assure it is applied to your account. You should always ask for an unconditional release upon final payment as this is your confirmation that you have paid in full. Request one from Urbach Roofing, Inc., and from the supplier upon payment.