Why DIY Roof Repair Isn’t Advisable

Why Do It Yourself (DIY) Roof Repair Isn’t Advisable

At any given time, you can find a home improvement show on television. For any project, there is a video online walking you through the steps. From painting a room to changing a faucet, DIY is one of the hottest trends in our country. Because so much of your home’s roof is not readily seen by passers-by, you may be tempted to save some money and attempt to take care of the roof issues on your own. But when it comes to safeguarding the health and safety of your family, you may be better off hiring a licensed professional roofing contractor for a variety of reasons.

Here are some variables you may wish to consider when deciding if DIY roof repair is in your best interest.

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It’s a Dangerous Job

First and foremost, your safety is paramount. A DIY roof repair may present you with numerous hazards, including sloping and slippery surfaces, negotiating power tools while on unsure footing, and combating the weather.

Roofing Contractors have experience and tools you may not, and they are much more practiced at spotting dangerous situations. In the case of a severe roof issue, the roof itself may be unsafe to walk on. Soft spots, sagging and buckling ceilings and loose tiles may all present you with danger you didn’t count on.  Just one slip when up on a roof can prove disastrous.

If there is any possibility that your roof may not be safe, call a professional to come to assess the situation before even stepping on it.

You’ll Lose Your Guarantee

Nearly every manufacturer of roofing material will void their guarantee in the case of a DIY roof repair. If your roof was not installed by a professional roofing contractor, roofing materials will not be covered under warranty.

In the event that your roof needs repair or replacement, even if it is well before the expected life of the roof, you will have to pay out of pocket.

Keep in mind that not only will a professional installation protect your materials warranty, but labor will be warrantied as well.

It’s Probably Not Cheaper in the Long Run

Replacing a few tiles or shingles on your own is likely no problem. But when it comes to major repairs or constructing a new roof, you may be in over your head.

For instance, you may see a few missing shingles and decide to replace them. You may not realize that the framing under the damaged tiles has been rotting, causing a larger, unseen problem. Simply replacing shingles may not address water intrusion, damage, rotting, or weakness.

Professional roofers can ascertain problems not only with the external surface of the roof but with framing and decking.

When a licensed professional roofer is hired to accomplish the job, they can give you a thorough assessment, make recommendations as to various alternatives and ensure that you will not have additional, unexpected costs or repairs just a year or two down the road.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons to consider hiring a professional. Others include:

* Your insurance company may require a professional installation for coverage
* Listing your home without a roof warranty could present a red flag to a prospective buyer
* A poorly installed roof will detract from the beauty of your home

Urbach Roofing is committed to excellence when repairing or replacing the roof on your home. Whether your job is commercial or residential, give us a call today and we’ll come discuss your roofing options.

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